I’m Michael Feather, a watercolor artist and urban sketcher based in Gilbert, Arizona.

I was raised in Ohio and upstate New York. I pursued art in college and got a degree, but ended up doing a variety of jobs to support my family. My life’s journey eventually brought me to Arizona, where I returned to my passion for art and the great comfort of documenting the world around us through urban sketching.

My Art

Everyone has a story to tell. Each with our unique chapters, dark and stormy or rollercoaster peaks, all the twists and turns of life. Many of these consist of mundane moments, little things that don’t seem to matter. But all stories, all moments, matter. Sometimes we have to search for joy and hope even in the mundane.

This has, in essence, been an outline of my own story. Recently, my life took a turn, one I did not see on the previous pages. My love of art, abandoned since my college days, has resurfaced. It is as if I am coming full circle, finding joy in exploring and seeing with new eyes. Now I dabble in ink, watercolor, and my everyday life, longing to share this journey. My hope is that my art, whether is is an urban sketch or splashes of color reflecting nature, will help us all to slow down, linger, savor the details and the mundane.

Find joy in the unique. I don’t want us to miss the colors.
13 colors.

My Locations

You can usually find me around town drawing and painting from life, looking for joy with ink and splashes of color.

I’m also looking forward to expanding my joy in the unique, as I journey to new destinations around the world.

As time permits, I’ll post my most recent sketches and commissions.

PS: If you ever see me around town, don’t hesitate to say hello!